Cafe Curbside is a vibrant breakfast and lunch carry out style restaurant located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. With a commitment to serving exceptional food made with love and passion, Cafe Curbside aims to create a memorable culinary experience for the community. The cafe offers a diverse menu of breakfast and lunch options, complemented by specialty “FREE” coffees (with any purchase), and more.

Anthony Hooker

Anthony Hooker is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of this unique hospitality & food branding collective concept Curbside Experience based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area with a commitment of excellence to the communities he serves.

Anthony has over 15 years of hospitality experience. Anthony was raised in DMV (Washington, DC & Prince Georges County, MD), attended H.D. Woodson High School. He began cooking at the age of 10 and by 12 he worked at Henry’s Soul Cafe (where his Uncle Henry Smith was owner), family’s Soul Food restaurant where he received an introduction to becoming a restaurateur. These early hospitality experiences with family contributed to his love for cooking, customer satisfaction and hard work.

“My earliest memories of me being in the kitchen are of me “cooking” with my mom. At that time, the food wasn’t anything spectacular but I do remember the laughs & the feeling that spent with my mom while being in the kitchen, learning how to cook. Those were some of my favorite times.

The kitchen has become the HEART of my brand. Being in the kitchen is my happy place. It’s where I get to fellowship with like minded people and there love of food. It’s where I can think, become inspired & express myself. Its a very therapeutic space for me! I’m afforded the talent to bring comfort & satisfaction to people through the gift of cooking.

From homes of family, friends & clients, that ranges from corporations to churches, cooking is far from the only strength that I bring to the table. But it is happy place!

Chef Dre  Kellz Bio

Dedicated, Driven, and Hardworking. Just a few words to describe The Good Steward. Inspired by the love of his grandmother, DeAndre grew up in the kitchen. Cooking since the age of 7 Chef Dre’ was excited at a very young age to grow in the realm of cooking.

This excitement only increased within each year that passed and in September of 2012, Chef Dre began creating delicacies of every type. He did this daily, and began to gain the interest of fellow onlookers, coworkers, and friends.

With every event that came, Chef Dre was who they called on to create something spectacular to the taste-and he did just that. In September of 2015, the decision was made to pursue culinary as a career.

“I always wanted my kids to eat at fine restaurants, so I started watching shows and implementing this in my cooking” His passion for his children, was the driving factor to never stop.

In 2017, the opportunity arose to work in his first professional kitchen. Chef Dre felt that his age would hinder him from going to culinary school, so he set out to kitchens in the area, working for free, to gain the experience that he needed to continue in his passion.

Through this experience, Chef Dre was able to create his own catering company, Cooks and Chefs, which has been a staple in the community, has fed hundreds of the homeless, entertained the famous, and wowed the elite.

With his new “Curbside Experience”, Chef Dre is shifting the idea of traditional cooking, and making intense moves to lock in the keys to his success.

The Good Steward would love to be a part of making your event one of the most memorable ever, and remember, “Faith without work is dead.” -James 2:14

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