Date Night Series


The Fellowship of food, Chef Dre Kellz take you on a global trip of the gullahgeechee experience through cuisine. Foods are quite simply the purest forms of gratification that help facilitate and foster the best of relationships. Taking off in 2021, Curbside Expereince and its services were established around a partnerships passion for not just good food, but also in celebration of the wholesome relationships that flourish from gathering around the table. Through our curated chef experiences, we aim to create lasting memories that will not only satisfy your palate, but leave the soul overwhelmed with love & joy. Our team of culinary professionals (Executive Chef Dre Kellz & The Chefs of Art Collective) have hosted everything from intimate dinners, to grandiose weddings! No matter the size, we treat you like our own family. So our Seat at the Table is like no other, with a six-course dinner arranged by Executive Chef Dre Kellz, along with a coacktail pairing in a intimate and exclusive setting.


The Curbside Experience Signature Tasting Series ft. Executive Chef Dre Kellz will focus on a interactive concepts of tasting events to possible production, where you the consumer will decide. Chef Dre will be creating some signature sauces, seasonings and burger blend, etc.

Chef Dre Kellz tasting experience will allows you to gain a true insight into how he creates culinary dishes. There’s never been a better way to bring a product to possible production with this interactive tasting experience.


Looking for live music and great food in a fun and intimate setting? Curbside Experience (Date Nigbt Series) brings you LIVE by Candlelight with great cuisine created by our Executive Chef Dre Kellz along with live music featuring some the DMV most talent artist, proformers and bands.

C.E.’s Date Night Series is know for its fun and relaxing ambiance, great cuisine, delicious drink and superior service. So grab a some great cuisine and a cocktail and sit by the candlelight with your partner.


Curbside Experience brings you Pasta, Poetry and Prosecco. In a leisurely multicourse meal of warm pastas, bubbly prosecco and romance language of poetry, a diverse selection of DMV’s finest poets will seduce you with readings of their work.


If you are looking for a unique type of live entertainment, why not check out Cooking Up Comedy? We will bring in some of the best stand-up comics from across the country and have a great and friendly atmosphere that you are sure to enjoy.

Cooking Up Comedy is a Curbside Experience (Date Night Series) event, so it’s more than just a comedy show where you can get a couple of laughs, it’s a great event to enjoy a 3 course dinner created by Chef Dre Kellz and the Chefs of Arts Collective. Our unique dinner and comedy show packages not only get you a ticket to the comedy show, but also a nice meal. There are a variety of different food and beverage options, so we are confident we have something you will enjoy.

Our dinner and show packages make perfect sense and the value is unbeatable. Instead of going out to dinner elsewhere and rushing to make the show on time, you can come spend your entire night with us. In addition to a lovely meal and a hilarious show.


Curbside Experience  invites you to compete in a series of food related games. The games themselves are presented by Chef Dre Kellz & Anthony “Cook Fam” Hooker. Points are awarded for how well each person does in any game, with the winner, giving a chance to win up to $1k in the “money booth”, being the team with the most points.